Equimea’s oil trading focuses primarily on physical crude oil and refined products.

Equimea has an established network of refineries and major state-owned oil producers. 

Products and Services

  • source, supply and marketing of physical oil
  • crude oil refining and
  • refined products marketing and distribution

Equimea focuses on sourcing, supplying and marketing oil in frontier markets where it has experience, knowledge and can provide a value-added service.

Currently, Equimea trades crude oil across four continents from a range of sources including: production facilities, wellheads and storage tanks – delivering anywhere our customers require.

Equimea is experienced in marketing new crude oil types to end users to broaden the market and ultimate value of the crude oil for its customers.

Refined Products

Equimea has diversified into the sourcing, supplying, blending and marketing of petroleum products in specific markets where Equimea has experience and knowledge and can provide a value-added service.


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