• Equimea and affiliates are actively involved in the purchase, refining and selling of gold. Purchase is done in all non bullion forms of gold. Equimea started Initial brokerage services and grew into a principal trading role, reaching an operations volume of more than two thousand seven (2,700) kgs cumulative during the past three years.
  • Having developed a rather large and diversified End Buyer portfolio, our efforts are focused on the continuous development of additional sources of gold.
  • Supplies can be handled by different refineries depending on circumstances: Chimet (LBMA in Italy), Baird and Co (UK), Gold Morning (USA), Atasay (LBMA in Turkey), Argor Heraeus (LBMA in Switzerland), Ecometal (Switzerland).
  • Furthermore, our investment in one refinery in Southern Europe with earmarked refining availability of 100KG kgs per day provides us with additional control over the supply chain if required.
  • Current sourcing is based in Europe and Africa.  The objective is to keep and grow those additional new sources including:
    • Europe: Equimea is increasing the number of wholesalers from which we buy, by financing their sourcing activities.
    • Ecuador: Dore bars from 9 independent mining groups.
    • Ghana: Dore bars from different miners aggregators, including the largest independent Ghanaian company.
  • Besides continuing to develop additional sources for non GLD gold, Equimea is expanding activity in the GLD gold sector.  Our bullion accounts in Singapore and Switzerland provide the appropriate platform for that.


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